Sunday, December 18, 2005


Or is it? Tons of folks are in a state of near paralysis as they try to finish the shopping and wrapping and baking and cleaning and...and...and whatever else it takes to get ready for Christmas. I really have no real idea what it feels like, since, being a guy, all I have to ever do is show up when told. And that is how I like it. Still, I "angst" a bit as I see my poor wife try to get it all together. So I wrap (poorly), if asked; make the run for tape and sprinkles, know, stuff I can handle.
Is it all worth it?
The answer is an unqualified "yes!"
Being one of those Catholic-type Christians, I find that the outward signs of the season help me remember what this time should be about. The lights, for "The Light of the World"....the greenery, for new life.....the Advent wreath, one candle for each, to remind us of the Perfect Gift.....all the externals that prompt internal focus.
Take it easy this week, however. Save something for next weekend.
However. if you must, I wear a medium shirt, and can always use socks.

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Patry Francis said...

Every year, I try to avoid "panic week," maybe replace it with "joyful meditation week," but every year I'm surprised just how quickly the 25th creeps up on me--and how much more I have to do.

Finally put up our tree tonight though. The lights and the green are indeed a wonder to the senses.

Merry Christmas, Tom!