Friday, December 30, 2005


Call me a "homer" if you will, (and I don't mean Simpson), but I will be pulling for Mizzou in their bowl game today. Yeah, you can say they didn't deserve a bowl game, and compared to USC and Notre Dame and Texas, that tis true. Still, post-season is post-season.
And there just hasn't been a whole heck of a lot to get excited sports-wise in my hometown this winter. The Rams are a soap opera; the carpet-bagging owners of the Cardinals are cheaping out on player acquisition, despite rolling in greenbacks after selling everything not nailed down from the old Busch Stadium, from napkin holders to vials of infield dirt, to the urinal used by the hometeam (bought by an enterprising urologist, no less); and the Blues are fighting to be the worst team in NHL history, certainly in Blues history.
So yeah, Go Tigers!


Moneybags said...


I just wanted to confirm that you read my message on who your saint for the year is. Please just leave let me know on my blog.

Lee Strong said...

I attended division 3 schools, and live in Syracuse University territory. No Division I football team to chear this year.

But i did have some basketball joy a couple of years ago.

Lee Strong said...

Oh, yeah. And this is Buffalo Bills country. Enough said.

At least the Sabres are doing well.

Moneybags said...

I justed wanted to let you know, Tom, that you've been tagged over at my blog.