Saturday, December 03, 2005


The term "Baby Boomer" has really received some play in past years. Now a lot of us are pushing the retirement envelope, having grandkids, waking up aching, looking for medical support, having parents become ill and pass away....the whole thing. Unfortunately, all this causes us to become self-focused to a large degree, just at a time when we should be stepping out of own little worlds to support our kids and our spouses and our community and churches.
Instead, we are fretting about that 401K, trying yoga and alternative therapies, hoping we can get that slice fixed before the next golf season kicks in. And while these aren't bad things, becuase we should be concerned about finances and health and recreation, we really should watch out that it doesn't overtake our life. I have fallen into this hole, and I need to crawl out.
My darling wife has pulled me up short on this lately. (Don't know what I would do without her...)
She tells me to "just get back to living...."
Great advice for us all.

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