Saturday, December 31, 2005


Roughly translated from the Latin into the current vernacular as "My Bad", I must, in the interest of full disclosure and the pursuit of truth, justice and the American way, acknowledge that I decided to take a long winters nap before the end of the first quarter after the Tigers fell behind 21-nil.
We were headed to a birthday party Saturday night, and I need my 5:30 when my one and only popped open the door and said "Hey...Rip (her pet name for he who naps like in a coma)....guess what, Mizzou tied the game." Well, you can imagine that I thought I was dreaming, but, no, the drool on the pillow was real, and the Boys in Black and Gold had miraculously done just what my bride had said.
Call me a fair weather fan, or just a guy who needs napping (see June archives), but I had pretty much taken the same tack back in the fall (see October archives) when I couldn't bear to see my beloved Redbirds fall to the despised team from Texas with the misshapen ball park. I turned off that game, and was resigned to the fact that the season ended, until my Chicago daughter called to bring me back to the reality of "Albert the Great" Pujols.
So Coach Gary Pinkel gets to keep his job, and enter the new year wondering just what the heck he is going to do without the Amazing Brad Smith.
Maybe I should fall asleep during the next Rams game?
This could be a karma thing.

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Anonymous said...

I one upped you on this. I felt like if I just didn't tune in at all; radio or TV ; that maybe the Tigers had a chance. It was that superstition and the fact that I didn't want to waste my time. Talk about fair weathered.