Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ADIOS 2008, HOLA 2009

I am ending the year by sending off a submission to a publisher. The long-awaited Great American Novel, (right!) "You're Never Too Old For Space Camp", has been sent for consideration to This is a ebook and Print On Demand company. They charge a fee to get your book out, for e-purchasing and print. I have evaluated other such companies, and gone on the recommendation of the guy who edited Space Camp. Seems like the Catch 22 of publishing that, unless you can write about vampire love, you gotta be published before you can be published. (Hmm. There's an idea.... vampire teacher falls in love with a zombie.)
We shall see what the next week brings, as they say they will evaluate the merits of the work by then.
So 2009 could see the publishing of my first book!
Or not.
But it is a goal I have for the New Year (along with using my Iron Gym regularly and breaking 90 at Cloverleaf), whether it be Space Camp, or a young-adult chap book, or a compilation/collection of my columns from the Journal.
Sumpin' gonna be out dere soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two Thousand Niner

Feliz Blobby Blob and a Prospero Anno de Nuwavey to y'all. Look for this site to be up and running full speed ahead since I am going to get at least one book published in the '09 segment of my term here on this big blue marble.