Wednesday, March 19, 2008


In the words of the renowned broadcaster of Cardinal, White Sox and Cubs baseball,
Hello again, everybody.
Can't help but feel sad for Barack Obama's mom and grandma. He threw them under the bus, off the train, voted them off the island yesterday, when in his speech that was supposed to cement his position as the candidate with Character, he denigrated his white side of the family to gain favor with "all Americans who want change in this nation", the same nation his lovely wifey Michelle said she hasn't had any pride for in her adult life, the same nation who pretty much made it possible for her to go to PRINCETON AND HARVARD, MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR HER HUSBAND TO SELL MILLIONS OF BUCKS WORTH OF BOOKS, MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR HER DAUGHTERS TO GO TO GOOD SCHOOLS...... all right. I will quit yelling.
Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that yesterdays speech was worthy of Lincoln...well, yeah maybe the Lincoln who was chronically depressed most of his life...and Matthews also said that the speech was "A gift to the country". Well, I agree with him here.
The gift is that Baramo made it easier for Hil and Bil to get their fingers into the pie again, to win the nomination, and that if this happens, then Johnny Mac will wipe her off the face of the map.
Now, good friends....that IS a gift to the country.

see ya.