Thursday, January 10, 2008


Janis Joplin sang it, and Hilary done it. Her show of "emotion" is being called "the tears that melted New Hampshire" by the BarackO crowd. They got blindsided by the clever, manipulating, conniving former First "Lady" (using that term loosely). I have no doubt she was overcome with emotion. But the emotion she was feeling was fear, and imminent defeat....she was sad, yeah... not about how the country was going down, but that it looked like she was.
After reading about her in the book about Whitewater, and the book and movie Primary Colors, and the way she reportedly acted to people in the White House when she was Assistant President, I do not believe her "Wah Wah Wah" was anything but a chance to show her "softer side", to demonstrate just what a committed and wonderful person she could be, if you old meanies out there would only give her the chance. Oddly, where tears brought Ed Muskie down in 1972, they seem to have goosed up Hil's chances for '08.
Urp. That makes me want to hurl.
Don't let her fool you, like Obaskams people were taken in.
She one mean beeaah.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Eye oh What the heck?..

Up in Iowa where the corn grows and the Field of Dreams was filmed, good old Hil took one on the chin. Not sad to see this occur. Of course, they said she was brave for going there, and that the real test will come in New Hampshire.
Yeah. Loser talk.
Looking like Oback Barameter is running the show now. Remarkable that the Chicago kid with the funny name scored so well in corn country.
Maybe he has something that doesn't meet the eye.
Then it is no surprise that Mike Huckabee would do well. I mean, come on....the name alone set him up as the lead man...."Huckabee", as in "rural". Nothing against rural folks, it just fits doesn't it?
I doubt he will be seen anymore, tho, as he heads into "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire. Romney should do well there, being from Mass., just south of NH. If he doesn't, then Mr. Perfect Hair is done like a hot dog left on the grill too long.
My man is John McCain. Any guy who can withstand POW status has got to have some set on him. And the way the world is these days, I don't think the US of A nor the world would be well served by anyone in the Top Spot having to learn the job as he goes along. (NOtice I didn't say as "she" goes along? McCain has been there for years, and knows what is up. This is one time when Washington experience should prove invaluable. Who would you rather see sitting down across the room from the nutballs in Pakistan, Mrs. Clinton or John M.?
As for Rudy G.? Not a chance in heck for a twice divorced, pro-abortion guy getting the Rep. nod. I don't know what he was thinking, really.
Hubris shows in strange ways, I guess.
Dem nominee......John Edwards Rep top guy......Johnny Mac.
Anybody want to shoot their picks...go right ahead.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


That song comes to mind (made famous by Gene Autry and Aerosmith, with different lyrics but the same title...hmmm) as I get back to the blogging phenomenon.
After not doing this for some months, it seems appropriate somehow to run this out again.
That's the my hip co-workers say.
I plan to just have fun with it, not take it too seriously, and maybe even givc it an new edge, especially since my kids are now grown or growing, and therefore more able to handle good old dad's warped view of life a little more easilly.

So here it goes....tommy's boomer times coming atcha, still again.