Sunday, December 04, 2005


In the midst of scenes of bargain hunters trampling over people to get the best deal, it came to mind while sitting in Mass today that the best deal was offered by the guy on the cross over to my right. Didn't cost me a thing, ready and waiting for the asking....I'm talking about salvation, brothers and sisters.
I take it for granted, but it is there for the taking. All I have to do is say "Yes" to the Lord....and then live my life accordingly.

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Don said...

When I think about how to be a better parent, I consider the example of God the Father. How he is always ready to listen, not distracted by email or the game. How he is unconditional in his love, not more loving when instructions to brush teeth are followed. How perfect a parent he is, though abstract, not so imperfect like we.

I tried this on with Blake and how this would be a gret way to approach Mass on Sundays. It didn't work! He's still bored out of his mind, but getting better. He's started to preread the readings before Mass starts. He queues up several hymnals for the family to use, cause they post eh songs numbers for all to see. And he sings, too. In his cute gravelly little boy voice. All these things I taught him, so maybe together-- God and I-- we can raise a good boy into a fine man. God the Father may be the perfect parent, but he can't give hugs or bedtime kisses on the cheek. That's where I come in.