Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Summer memories

Coming home to lunch for fried baloney sandwiches and mom pouring hot water down my throat everytime I swallowed an ice cube from drinking grape koolade from a sweating tin lime green tumbler that probably caused cancer but made the koolade sooooooooo cold and then going back to playing baseball in jeans and a white t-shirt until the shirt was gray and dirt streaked and waiting on the porch with two gloves til dad came home from work and no matter how tired he was he would take a few minutes to play catch........Father's day and it's three years he has gone ...I miss him more the longer it gets....went by the old house the other day with my youngest Joanie....funny how everything always seems so much smaller....there was the yard where we threw that old Mr. Rawlings back and forth, back and forth.......I told Joanie how me and my brother used to jump off the roof of the garage on the side of the house...she laughed, and I guess it was because she could almost see her old dad as a nutty little kid, rolling around on the grass by the hill on Wilson's yard, 'cause it hurt so bad when you first hit the ground....only to get up the ladder and do it again.....told mom today as my daughter Kate and her son patrick (bubba) went to lunch....she was shocked..."I guess I didn't watch you close enough" she said with a laugh.... I guess that's why I am equally shocked when I hear some of the goofy stunts my own kids tried when they were young and just don't think anyone could be as stupid as you were...............

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