Thursday, June 23, 2005


I just can't get into the whole NBA thing cant't pry me away from the college game, especially during March Madness..but the pro's leave me cold. It's not a racial thing, especially since so many of the players are now coming from Europe and other countries. Maybe it is the whole thing about how incredibly rich they all are...but then, look at baseball, which I will watch at any level, and the outrageous money that is being thrown around there.
So, tonite I am going to give the 7th game with the Spurs and the Pistons a look.
Maybe I can get back into it.


Joe A said...

Ya ever thought, dad, maybe you just enjoy baseball much more than basketball? As for college b-ball, hey thats just rooting for the young hopefuls whose only salary is a ticket through college.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't tend to watch many sporting events any more. I guess that I'm always doing other things. And perhaps I never gave it a chnace but the NBA never grabbed me either. At times I have gottne into March Madness, however.