Thursday, June 01, 2006

We received from the friendly UPS driver our new digital camera. Or should I say, first digital camera. Yeah I know they have been around "a little minute now" as a smarty pants clerk at Sears said to me the other day. But keeping with my tradition of being the last guy on my block to have anything new, I decided to wait until I was fed up with getting back a pack of 24 pics with only about a half dozen of them any good. This way, I can delete the bad shots and pay only for those that do not have someones hand in front of their face or their eyes closed or looking like they just got goosed.....
I even plan to learn how to use the printing machine at that is a summer adventure if ever there was one.
Speaking of adventure, me and "She Who Must Be Obeyed" are going to take in the ponies tomorrow....I've been picking the races at Fairmount out of the paper, and last time had 4 winners.....I can't tell you my system, 'cause I don't have one.......yet.
Some say bet the gray horse, some say bet the jockey, some the horse.....we shall see how I do.
I'm sure my kids are thinking..."Oh more goofy thing for dad to do."
The tai chi is coming along....very relaxing and good for stretching.....the names of the movements are hilarious...."partition of wild horses mane"....."repulse monkey"...."stork cooling wings"......"gorilla picking nose"....(I made that last one up.)
Go CARDS!!!!


Anonymous said...

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