Monday, June 05, 2006


I find that I am happiest when I can be silly. That is such a silly word...."SILLY." The more you say it, the sillier it sounds.....silly, silly, silly. See what I mean? Still, silly takes the sting out of things, make tense moments lighter, brightens a mood, cheers a sad heart, and brings a smile just when you think there are none left.

Some of the greatest comics are in the Silly Class....Martin Short, Steve Allen, Adam Sandler (ok maybe not great, but silly for sure), Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, and the King of Silly....Jerry Lewis.

For some reason, guys can get away with silly better than girls. Maybe it goes back to the class clown you remember any class clown's who were girls? I can't. Societal standards may have kept the truly funny chicks from showing their stuff until later in life. But now that I think on this subject, a few women come up to the standard. Heck, Lucy set the standard, back in the '50's. She was copied by many, most notably Laverne Di Fazio and Shirley Feeney (yeah, I know this isn't their real names. But they live in my heart as those do their foils, Lenny and Squiggy.)

So today's assignment is to smile at somebody who doesn't expect it.....make a goofy face in the mirror....sing a song in a chipmunk voice.....walk stupid......have a little fun at your own expense.

Make someone laugh.....Be SILLY!!!!!!!


rdl said...

Jackie Gleason and Norton and Gilda Radnor are 2 or my favs. that come to mind.

Catholic Guy said...

I could not agree with you more. I have often thought that one of the traps of career and parental responsibility is the notion that as we age and mature we must become more serious. Acting silly after a certain age is perceived as immature and an indication that one is less than professional.

Screw that!

Life brings enough serious circumstances to us without us having to force the issue. We (the male white collar professionals of the species) are supposed to carry ourselves in a certain manner lest we be considered undignified.

Life is to short to surrround ourselves with oh so serious people with oh so serious goals and aspirations. I, for one, will wear my silliness proudly.

Lee Strong said...

“It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” -G.K Chesterton

Barnsley-Freeads said...

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