Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Despite all the security afforded the US team in Germany, someone clearly kidnapped the real squad and replaced them with robots....I think an international investigation should be launched, maybe focusing on a coalition of soccer-ignorant American radio geeks, possibly a disgruntled cadre of hockey fans...It is clear from the performance of the boys who wore the Red White and Blue yesterday that the US team that qualified was not the group who took the field against Czech Republic...
Granted. the Czech were a strong team, ranked #2 worldwide....but our men showed nothing but the ability to pass backwards to flatfooted backs.....
I place the blame on coach Bruce Arena.....clearly, he does not play, but he sets the team up, makes the selections, determines the starters and subs......sets the tone. These guys were not ready to play the St. Norbert 8th grade girls team, much less the second-best side in the whole dang universe.

What will happen now...?
The Yanks have to win over Italy, and win big. They can't expect Ghana to beat the Czechs and the US-Ghana game will be meaningless without a big victory over the Eye-talians. The Italy-Czech game will be for first place in the group, and without a lot of goals by the US, the second spot will also be determined by that game.

Hope springs eternal, but that spring is drying up fast.


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