Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The long-awaited end of the school year has finally come. Busy times and crazy days with the "scholars", as they try to make it the last few hours of their 8th grade careers (for some, anyway. Others may be "returning lettermen", so to speak. Oh, well....I tried...)
Memorial Day trip to Chicago has kept me off the posting. Love to see the little ones in the Windy City. Hate the drive, especially the last hour into the city of mass traffic. I can do about 4 hours, and the co-pilot has to take the wheel for the final approach.

Speaking of Memorial Day...... God bless those who gave the "last full measure of devotion."
And bless those who have survived physically, but still carry the scars of the psyche, as they try to continue the life they fought to preserve.

Me and the spouse plan to spend some time going to a few Cards games, maybe the track, maybe just hanging out, since the youngest stayed up north for a few weeks. Call it a vacation where you get to sleep in your own bed.....
Lots of chores and projects to keep me busy around the plantation..... looks like a hot summer is brewing...but it beats work.


Peter said...

We have three weeks of school yet. But the three-day break was wonderful!

rdl said...

welcome back!

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