Monday, May 08, 2006


This has been a rough year for the family, with the story to be told over time in this space. But one of the good byproducts of tough times is that it can cause positive change.
So over the next few months, I am taking steps to improve my diet, exercise and approach to life in general.
Wanting to drop my blood pressure, which is in the pre-hypertensive range, I am going to get more into omega 3 foods, increase exercise with the goal of 45-60 minutes daily, reduce caffeine, and take two more very important steps. One will be very easy, and one will require discipline and a great deal of study.
The first is to simply smile more.
The research is there that this simple act can greatly improve ones health. More on this later.
The second step is to become proficient in Tai Chi.

I'll let you know how it goes...........(he said with a big smile).


Anonymous said...

Tom, this is completely irrelevant to the your entry...

I had been given copies of the CDs of the conversations of Grandpa (Frank) and Uncle Joe and had been told that you had produced them, so I was searching for an email address to which I could write and thank you for making them, and BOOM! the article you wrote that appeared in the Post popped up! Funny how that works; I'm gonna email the link to my brethren and sistren.

I also divined from your article that you didn't do the actual interviews. But I recall being over at the house while Grandpa was being taped by 'some guy' I'd never met. In my youth we'd religiously visit the Brucks each Sunday afternoon from 1 to 315pm. The love we'd receive there was immeasurable. Doubly so when Uncle Joe would be in town. What a great roly-poly he was by the time I got to know him!

Again, thanks for providing the space in which I could thank somebody for the recordings... even if you're not the source... at least you share in the joy felt when beloved voices, once stilled, are temporarily brought back to life.

Dan Clegg - #7 of Dorothy and Bud
St. Chaz, MO

tom said...

Dan thanks for writing. That guy was John Rasp and he is my cousin, Marie Rasps oldest son.
Look up his phone #, and he would be thrilled to hear from you. thanks for reading my stuff, and hope all is well with you and your family

Patry Francis said...

Thanks for the inspiration, she said, also smiling.

rdl said...

good for you ! can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

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