Sunday, April 30, 2006



Hard to say. Still not too impressed with the place. Too hodgepodge lodge for me. Of course, it was only one visit and I should give it another chance. Guess I thought the old place had an architectural beauty that I haven't seen yet in the new one. And, I am a bit put off, as the British would say, by all the advertising, party porches, beer gardens, scoreboard shenanigans, text messaging schtick, batting cages, restaurants, etc. etc. that are great revenue generators but....hey, look,those men in funny pants are playing some sort of game down on the lawn. So that's why we came to this joint.
For a more detailed treatise on this crabfest, I'll post something soon.


rdl said...

I will have to tell my son about yr. take on yr. new stadium. He's looking forward to his standing room seats in the green monster at fenway. ahh baseball. :D

tom said...

I suppose I am a traditionalist....isn't The Game enough? of course, I do have my head in the sand when it comes to the finances of the whole mess, that the owners themselves have created over the years. Think about the fact that the first $1,000,000 TEAM was none other than the 1967 Cardinals, and that in 40 years that sum hardly pays for the bats and equipment used in a year...ouch.

angelmeg said...

Thanks for the intro to the new stadium. We are looking forward to getting over to at least one or two games this year. It isn't such a bad drive from here.

colleen said...

Hi Tom,
I'd be devastated if they changed Fenway Park much (I'm originally from Boston). It's bad enough that they tore down Paragon Park, the amusement park in the small coastal town I grew up in.

But all this talk reminds me of the tip jar seen at the Cafe Del Sol: Don't like change. Leave it here.

I'm visualizing you playing golf on the moon. My husband would join you.

Thanks for saying hello.

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