Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Lost the pool at work in the NCAA tourney....the boys from LA let me down. Oh well, like the Cubs fans always say...wait til next year.
This is Holy Week, and the thoughts of perseverance and endurance come to mind.
Jesus had to persevere through what must have been the hardest week in his short life. He knew in the triumph of Palm Sunday that he would be dead before the week was out, and not in an easy way, but in the most ignominious manner known to that society. A few years ago, we read Jim Bishop's " The Day Christ Died." It tells the very real horror of crucifixion.
But Jesus endured for us, for our evil ways, for our weakness.....He showed perseverance, through the last day of his remarkable life.
Can I show even a tiny piece of that in times of my troubles, whatever or whenever they come to me?
Every day when I roll out of bed, I have been asking the Holy Spirit for the courage to be who I must be through the new day.
Jesus said "I will be with you always".....and I gotta take Him up on that promise.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.......in the name of the Trinity, let me live my life.


~m2~ said...

tom, you are totally assured of my prayers.

may peace fill your heart and may grace be yours.


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Moneybags said...

Thanks be to God for His love for us!

Paula said...

Tom, thanks for visiting my blog.May you have a Blessed Easter.