Saturday, January 27, 2007


So what will it be this next Sunday?
My guess is that it will be a real barnburner, a game of games, one for the ages, must-see-TV....blah, blah.
I can't imagine the Bears not being up for the action, and Peyton Manning not seeing this as his moment to put all the naysayers in their places.
All the talk of the first black coaches and the teams not having been in "the BIG GAME" before and how weak Grosssmann is will have no bearing on the match once the boys hit the turf for the first time.
I'd be surprised if we'll see a blow out....I just hope Vinatieri doesn't get to win it with a long FG. Enough already, with that stuff. Let somebody else play. How about let's decide the contest with good ole' fashioned grind-em out TD's.
My head says Colts, but the heart bleeds blue and orange....
And, as my little grandsons in Chicago will be wearing their home jerseys, I say...Da Bears by 7.
Go easy on the bean dip, sports fans.

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