Sunday, January 07, 2007


The word "epiphany" means a sudden understanding or manifestation/perception of a concept. It also stand for a Catholic feast, probably all Christians celebrate it, of the three Wise Guys making their way to visit the new arrival in Bethlehem. They came by way of the east, so the story and song goes, and happened upon the miraculous little one by following the star.
January 6 is the official date in the Catholic Church for this celebration. In my mind, this manifestation, this understanding could be any and everyday that sees love come into your life.
Jesus was the Big Love, the Main Man, Divine Being come in human form. His arrival, heralded by angels on high and celebrated by the lowliest of the lowly, the shepherds, marked for us the beginning of our salvation.
The manifestation I have been having lately is that love is everything.
My wife has been going throught some tough times, suffered some real injustices. She is one of the most sincere, selfless, giving people I have ever met. In her there is no deceit, no ulterior motive, no hypocrisy. And sometimes she gets dumped on.
Well, our family has rallied around her admirably. Our daughters and sons could not have been more concerned and loving and supportive of their mom, amidst all the pain and disappointment and resentment, and yeah, eventually, forgiveness.
To them, love for her was everything.
And my own mom has had a rough go these past few weeks. Falling to a broken hip and surgery the day after Christmas, she has been through a lot at 85 years of age. But she has a love of life and of family that is pulling her through. Tough old gal, she is.
So I wish "epiphany" to you all in can be very enlightening.


Patry Francis said...

Epiphany is a beautiful feast. Happy New Year to you, Tom. I'll be sending up some prayers for your mom. (Mine's 84.)

rdl said...

One of my favorite words. Hope things are better this year!