Friday, November 18, 2005


After over a year since the heartbreak, I finally watched "Fever Pitch", the story of the Red Sox reversing the curse. And in a way, I wish I could have enjoyed it when it happened, since it really was a miraculous sports moment. They were down 3 games to none and in their last chance in the ninth, when they strung 4 straight wins against all odds and against their arch-rivals....the momentum carrying over to our own Cardinals, and.....well, another sweep. The movie mercifully only touched on the World Series in St. Louis....the real story was about a baseball nut and his love for a woman. As a film, it was just a piece of sports history, it made me realize that, yeah, the Sawks really deserved to be much as I hated to believe it for so long.
Next year I will enjoy the game more for what it or lose.


X said...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the post over at

Obviously I'm a die hard Sox fan, but I really like what the Cards have been doing. Pujols is a monster talent. Enjoy him, like we did Pedro in his prime.

The Cards are one of the NL teams I can actually cheer for - they don't make me sick the way the Braves and Astros do.

One other small bit. don't be mentioning curses around Sox fans. We never really believed much in it - it was really a media driven story. something easy and non creative for writers and announcers to blab on about. And I know I never sat around with my friends and said "geez, I wish the Red sox weren't cursed." It was more like, "why the hell can't we get a decent relief pitcher" or "why was Grady Little a moron."

Keep the faith - the Cards will continue to be strong. You'll be back. And you can't begrudge us a solitary victory after your memorable wins in 67 and 46.

And in conclusion - that movie sucke, sucked, sucked. A horrible depiction of Boston and a Red Sox fan. It really should have had his friends be a couple of plumbers from southie name Sully, Murph, and Johnny. A very sad movie.

tom said...

The update on the movie was worthwhile. I thought the relationship with the buddies was too glossed over...My dads favorite Cardinal was Stan, and mine, too...such class..Albert appears to be cut from the same mold. And I can't stand the Braves or Astros either.
Oh...and no more talk of curses...