Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Over the last few years, I have developed a "jones" for golf. Not that I play all that much, but I sure do want to play a lot. I used to think it was the Game of Wusses, for people who couldn't do anything else. And for me, that was true, since the old knees and ankles are such that I couldn't run 10 feet to save my life. And I mean that literally, as well as figuratively. The biggest, baddest, butcher-knife-hacking mutha could be after me, and I'd just have to die.
Still, as I took up the game, I began to appreciate the skill, stamina and concentration required to do it well.
Now some folks out there talk about "what is a sport?"...and "what defines 'athlete'?" Is NASCAR a sport, or figure skating? How about golf? I know guys who can drive a Titliest into the next zipcode, but I would never call them an athlete. On the other hand, the game requires key components of athleticism, such as eye-hand coordintation, balance and rhythym, not to mention a combination of strength and finesse, to hit a round ball with a flat stick into a little bitty hole a couple of football fields away in under 5 swings.
So, I don't know.
What I do know is that I gotta get out soon. Lately, it's been either a lousy day and I have the time, or a great day and I am busy as all heck.
Anybody else chomping to tee it up?


rdl said...

Not me, I stink. but i most definitely think it is a sport and they are athletes. Like you said it takes alot to hit that little ball into a little bitty hole. It's probably harder than baseball which i thought was the hardest thing to do.

Anvilcloud said...

Figure skating is competitive and incredibly athletic although I admit that some politics have spoiled it on occasion.

angelmeg said...

My husband has a golfing T-shirt that says "it is a sport, therefore we are athletes, the picture is of a bunch of regular Joe's playing a round of golf.

I love the game not because I play well, but because of the once every 15 or 20 shots when I actually hit a great one. I live for those shots.

Hubby and his dad are going out Monday if it doesn't rain. It is supposed to be in the high 50's here.


Marewheeee said...

"jonesin'" Love it... :D

Not a golfer. Oil painting is enough to occupy a lifetime of learning and golf requires the same repetative practice in order to be good. Not that I would. I'm non athletic.
I'm spending the winter in Naples, Florida, the land of a thousand golf courses. If there aren't yet that many, there soon will be. Some places are advertising for members at $12,500 which is the low end. A round of golf costs a fortune down here until April 1st when they practically have to give it away.
Plan a golf trip here in the spring or summer for cheap golf.

Marewheeee said...

Figure skating is amazing. I love the pairs and the dancers. Hubby'd rather watch paint dry. I do think it's mostly a woman thing.

tom said...

ac and marewheee....the finals were in ST. Louis this weekend, and I saw some of is athletic for sure...all I can do on the ice is get up....

angelmeg and rdl....Monday it is to be near 6o..hoping to get out...maybe hit that "one" shot that keeps me coming back. Naples sounds nice...