Thursday, June 02, 2011


So wow, it's been a while since I hit this site. I have been busy, believe it or not, with retirement activities. Got into some subbing at a local school, did tutoring for kids out of school for various reasons. Got hooked up with a talent agency, with head shots and a resume and auditions. Kind of a shot in the dark, to see if anyone wants a bald guy with wrinkles and a crooked smile for any print stuff out there, or commercials. Had a few auditions, but nothing yet. All it takes is one, they say, and they also say that every "no" is that much closer to that "yes". It's been fun and a learning experience, so far, if not profitable.
Also have gotten on TV with a commentary segment on a local NBC affiliate. The segment is called "I'M JUST SAYIN'", and can be seen at Scroll all the way down and I have just put on the air about Steven Hawking saying there is no heaven. I will post it here as well. Now THAT has really been fun, and even pays a few bucks, enough for a couple rounds of golf, to which I continue to be addicted.
Jill and I have decided they will be carrying us out of this house, what with the market being so depressed, and where would we go anyway. So we have finished the basement, which turned out AWSM, as they say in tweet-land, and are getting the outside painted grey with white trim, what we wanted to do 19 years ago, except our kids cried that they would live in a "depressing house." So much for those brats who have all grown up and moved out and started their own gangs... Funny that our youngest, Joanie, 2o, said the exact same thing. Then again, she's been at Mizzou for two years and plans to be out of the house as soon as she can anyway, so I think we've learned our lesson.
ANYWAY, I am back at this, will post my columns from the Suburban Journals of St.Louis, and maybe even get into some videos. Once I find my way around youtube. And if I get a flipcam.
Back at ya'....

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