Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Have to start out with a lame joke here.
I seems that as Jesus was outside the tomb of his good friend, He uttered in loud voice...
LAZARUS....COME FORTH..... and three guys came out before he did.
Duh. TOLD you it was lame.
Anyway.... our FOURTH of July was a great one. Little Joey's birthday (he's 28 how time flies) was celebrated in grand fashion by swimming in the blow-up-pool, fireworks on the driveway, very unhealthy but lip-smackin' pork products indigenous to St. Louis, crazed grandkids laughing and pushing and shoving and eating red-white-and-blue popsicles and hugging and causing beautiful mayhem, a sweet local community parade and our very own 40 foot parade in front of our house with decorated bikes and strollers, some adult beverages (Okay, a lot of adult beverages: see "crazed grandkids", above), and unseasonably awesome weather for a river valley community just out of the throes of a nasty flood season.
See the pic of 5 out of 8 of the aforementioned grands.... three are in a holding pattern on the Left Coast, with an anticipated arrival of late summer.
So we cross over into the downslide of my Summer of Great Content, as there is less than a month before I head again into the Sweatshoppes at Cross Keys (this is only remotely funny if you know that there is a shopping center called the Shoppes at Cross Keys and my middle school of employ is called Cross Keys.... hmmm).
Still, who am I to complain about having a job that lets out at 3:15 and allows for 14 weeks paid vacation.....
Gotta go... it's nappy time soon, and I'm playing golf this afternoon.....
Oh well, someone has to do it.

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