Sunday, March 04, 2007


Hillary and Barack....nuff said.
Fighting it out for the lead among southern people of color....if it wasn't so sad it would be they have any clue how ridiculous they are to the rest of the world? Surely not, otherwise they wouldn't possibly act this way.
Of course, Hil is the best at looking ridiculous...look at all the "stand by your man" schtick she went through for so long....and people really think she could be President?
Thought: if she did by some reverse miracle get the job, would Billy move back into the Big House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Where would he sleep? Would he have to give tours, and fix up the Lincoln bedroom for his friends, again?

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Mike said...

There is no question, if it had to be a democrate,... I would take Obama. Way to liberal for my vote. However, I must say I am more tuned in to Obama then any other canidate.
His young family and the country calling for a different direction reminds me of the Kennedy era. You almost feel like you are watching history repeat itself. An erie feeling went through me that I would never wish on anybody, but there could be some bit of fate there alligning Obama with Kennedy. Kennedy shot by whoever for change. Obama being a strong runner for the first black president and all. If elected, I hope some two bit, back woods, hoosier doesn't make the same fate for him. Getting ahead of myself here.
Another reason is when you here him speek, you listen. In mind one of the best. You can't help to feel like your listening to MLK. He is just an awesome presence. I don't get that out of any other canidate. I wish ol' Mr New York would have some of that. I wish he wouldn't of held that press conference to tell his wife he was divorsing her to marry another. He should of just kept it on the side like everybody else. I thought that was the writen law in politics. Keep telling her that your going to get the divorse but don't. Change your position on abortion and go be the president. Oh well Mac is Back. Build a fence. Build it and they will come.