Tuesday, February 06, 2007


well, the game Sunday was fairly boring.....even the ads were hardly any good...my favorite was the Bud Light one with the two hitchhikers, but that's just me. I lean toward the absurd in my humor and the ax murder getting upset with the driver because he was going to pick up the guy with the chainsaw?.............priceless.
Good to see old Peyton get a win, but he wasn't the MVP...probably there wasn't one, really, but they gotta pick somebody....Prince should have gotten it, considering he easilly bested the Geriatric Stones of last year and the Janet/Justin debacle the year before. So bye bye football.

The best thing about the month of Feb. (other than it is my first grandkids birthday and her little sister/brothers'-to-be) is that spring training is right around the corner, baby!!

As a Card's fan, this is blasphemous, but I am thinking this year may be the "next year" that Cubs fans have been talking about for the last 99 years. How cool would it be for this franchise to get to the World Series one year after their chief rivals....their last win being in 1908. No matter how much one hates the Cubbies, you gotta think this would be good for the game.
The only problem is....I can't stand Pinella.
SO..............Go Cards!!

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